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Products & Services

London Property


MBC (Mayfair) Limited advises companies, both in the UK and overseas, on UK property acquisitions and sales, with regards to strategic planning for the clients as to where and when they purchase, the ownership should be based and whether that ownership be via personal or corporate holdings.

MBC (Mayfair) Limited also acts as broker and advisor, in sourcing properties for their acquisition, mainly in the London hospitality sector.

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Clients have a need for advice on acquiring assets and businesses. MBC (Mayfair) Ltd advises its corporate clients on general and specific matters, from acquisitions, period of ownership and through to the eventual sale. In many cases, for UK client companies, it also acts as official registered Director and/or Company Secretary (when required by statute), and in some instances can provide the official Registered Office address. MBC (Mayfair) Ltd also assists its clients in fund raising for specific projects, whether they are for property acquisitions or refinancing for the business, long or short (bridge) term loans and equity investment. Investors may be private individuals, bank or smaller institutional funds, such as VCTs, business angels and crowdfunding businesses.

In conjunction with various associates for funding bridging requirements, MBC (Mayfair) Limited can provide fast-track, hassle-free funding direct from the lender to meet specific borrowing needs, MBC (Mayfair) Limited can arrange mainly residential property loans, primarily in London and the South- East. With all loans secured on the property, so long as the underlying security is acceptable.

Business Strategies & Solutions

MBC (Mayfair) Ltd continues to assist its corporate clients with their ongoing strategies and business requirements, whether for a trading business or property asset acquisitions. In certain circumstances non-executive directors will be provided for client companies, from both internal and external sources. The appointees provide each client company with strategic financial and business advice attend corporate meetings and are generally available to protect the business assets and therefore in turn the shareholders.

Via its relationships with professional groups, MBC (Mayfair) Limited also provides advice and makes available a facility in introducing clients, where required, to turnaround/buyout specialists and personal or corporate restructuring and insolvency businesses.

MBC (Mayfair) Limited is an official appointed representative company to The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM), with regards to filing of applications and modifications, for its clients to register Trade Marks and Designs, within the EU, the UK Intellectual Property Office and also worldwide, via OHIM, with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

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Executive Search & Selection

MBC (Mayfair) Limited employs the services of a senior executive, who has many years experience in both the UK and overseas transport logistics industry. With our senior executive, Mike Jones (Mobile: +44 (0) 7895 152822 Email: mike@mbcmayfair.com ), leading the recruitment sector, known as MBC Search & Selection, that business has become a leading business in the UK transport supply chain and logistics recruitment industry. The approach is knowledge based and the business model is in working closely with the clients to develop a basis for selection of high performing, diverse and effective management and professional teams. The business is able to provide those knowledge based applicants, because the consultants employed by our senior executive, are experienced professionals from industry and commerce, including former directors and sales department specialists, operations and general management, all selected from within the logistics industry.